FFG founder Adrian Bradbury shares the 10-year journey through Uganda, and the opportunity that lies ahead for 'Excellence in East Africa'.

The power and value of football comes from the grassroots.
So why does so little value return there?  


Football for Good (FFG), founded in 2013, unlocks the competitive advantages of frontier regions in East Africa to identify and develop youth football talent, deliver world-class training, education and character-building, and provide global opportunities to the youth, communities and partners it serves.

For partner clubs and organizations, FFG provides academy development, targeted consultancy -- and player identification and elite training that leads to new football talent streams and global market opportunities.



East Africa has been all but shut out of global football, despite a passionate culture of the game, peaceful and emerging economies and a growing population of determined youth.

Some of the best East African youth are making it to Europe and the Middle East, but are forced to leave home to pursue these opportunities due to a lack of quality local training, competition and club sophistication. These young players are also being identified much too late in their careers, and are lacking the elite academy training, education and character-building required to become a world-class professional.

Youth football infrastructure and scouting in East Africa has stalled due to civil conflict, political unrest and still developing local economies, but there is a solution.



This problem can only be solved with early identification in East Africa, local partnerships and investment, elite youth academy training and world-class education.

With ten years of experience in the area and a growing regional network, FFG is delivering systematic and professional youth identification, recruitment and support.

On the field and in the classroom, FFG is utilizing international innovations from a variety of education and sport disciplines -- including the best practices of global youth football leaders.

Together, this creates an environment for long-term, sustainable success.

Football for Good. Excellence in East Africa.