Giving 'good' young footballers and scholars the
opportunity to be 'great'.  


football for good youth academy

The Football for Good (FFG) Youth Academy launched in northern Uganda in January of 2015, and quickly became the country's, and East Africa's, best full-time residential youth football academy and scholarship program.

The FFG Youth Academy provides a professional youth football set-up that delivers on elite training and competition, world-class education and character-building, and global opportunities on the field and in the classroom.



Elite opportunities are rare in post-war communities like northern Uganda and across East Africa, where international funding and support is centered on ‘programs for all’. That sole focus creates a leadership gap, where there’s little chance for potential high-achievers to get the education, training and character-building they need to go from ‘good to great’. The FFG Youth Academy is leading social change through a program that will provide (i) elite academy football training, (ii) enhanced academics and (iii) a character-building program, ensuring that every graduate has an international pathway to success.



After suffering through over two decades of civil war and unspeakable violence, northern Uganda is no longer a dark and dangerous place. 

Gulu, home of the FFG Youth Academy, sits in the economic hub of a now peaceful and developing region of over six million people. The bright lights of the international media and the deep pockets of aid organizations have moved on, yet the time is now right to invest in youth.

FFG has a 10-year history in the region that, combined with a deep culture of football, provides the perfect opportunity to deliver youth football innovation and a global academic opportunity that will take talented youth from ‘cradle to career’.

FFG is already making an impact that expanding nationwide and across East Africa.